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Writer, Music Lyricist & Spiritual Life Coach

Creativity is how the soul prays. Do it religiously.

Sleek & Beautiful

Writer's Block

As a freelance writer, blogger, and as a published author, I've written everything from poetry and lyrics to professional legal responses and business web content. Take a look at my current writing projects, and testimonials in the portfolio.

Sleek & Beautiful

Performer's Studio

Music inspires me, and it brings out the lyricist inside of me. One of my favorite things to do is to collaborate with other musicians and artists to create a whole new masterpiece together. Music genre doesn't matter, if you're doing what you love. Here are some of my favorite [lyric] videos, by artists who've inspired me. I hope they do the same for you too!

Sleek & Beautiful

Creative Canvas

Art, of any kind, inspires me because some of the best stories are not told by writers. A great artist must go on a creative journey of their own way before they approach a canvas. Here are some of my favorite artists whose work has inspired me creatively. *I do not claim any rights to any of the images shown here.

Find Yourself...Inspiring Others

Project Portfolio

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Writeaholic's Journal

a poetry and music lyric journal, written over the span of several years. It is set to publish after The Art Project, and will include LG's commentary in short story form.

Sleek & Beautiful

The Art Project

a four-part novel, and personal story about suffering, endurance, creativity and spirituality. The story details how death, and its thousand faces has shaped LG's life.

Sleek & Beautiful


a psychological, and technological thriller, with just a hint of romance. Tantalizing combination of a typical person’s irrational and rational fears.

Sleek & Beautiful

Creative Juices

a seductive, paranormal romance written to inspire a little bit of creativity and sexual exploration in its readers.

Blog and Articles

Project Updates. Collective Thoughts. Anything else that I've found inspiring.

Dandelion Dreams
December 11, 2015 No Comments

Dandelion Dreams

Don’t forget to chase the sunshine Or, dance in the rain under darkened clouds Both are blessings from the heavens, Not from where you are now   So much is happening around you. And, so little time to slow down, But, turn your eyes to the Universe, That’s where true life can be found.   The essence […]