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Sunday, December 4, 2016

LG Project

The LG Project hosts a variety of online magazines and social experiments to help educate society, encourage self-expression and promote social tolerance.  Each social experiment has its own website and social media platforms.  Currently, there are five active experiments. Participation is strictly voluntary.  A brief description for each experiment, along with a link directly to its associated website, is below. Please email any comments or business inquiries using the special links provided below.

logo-squareThe Arts and Creative News

Lyrical Gypsy  – is the hub for the LG Project. It offers three creative series: Writer’s Block, Performer’s Studio, and Creative Canvas, as well as several sub-categories per series. The LG Project accepts submissions from contributors who want to inspire others by sharing their creative work. LG encourages contributors to like, comment and share to help support creativity. Many talented writers, musicians and artist will never grace the pages of social media without projects like this.  All copyrights belong to its original creator. Follow Lyrical Gypsy on Facebook and TwitterEmail the project here.


R.A.N.T. UncensoredSocial News Discussion Panel

R.A.N.T. Uncensored – is a public discussion forum for all ages. The experiment discusses hot social topics and controversial issues that effect today’s society. Join the panel, and follow the project on Facebook and TwitterEmail the project here.



Inquiring MindsSelf-Help, Spirituality and Psychology

Inquiring Minds Cleanse your mind. Feed your soul. This social experiment started off as a Meetup group in 2014.  But, it has since moved to an online platform.  Participants discuss topics involving natural health, mental health, spirituality, free thought, astrology and psychology. At this time, the experiment is only offered on its associated website.  But, the LG Project hopes to expand its social media presence in the near future.  Email the project here.


Love UndercoverDating, Sex and Relationship Advice for Men

Love Undercover – offers relationship advice to women, men and couples.  The LG Project is educational partners with a well-known relationship coach in London, and a local publishing company.  The company has over 40K subscribers, and produces low-cost dating, sex and relationship programs for men.  But, others may find the blog equally useful.  The social experiment operates on TumblrEmail the project here.


ktplogoWomen’s Issues Alternative Magazine

Kill the Pretty Don’t worry, this social experiment is not violent in any way.  But it is a little different from most women’s magazines.  Because it is a magazine for beautiful tomboys.  That’s right, women who aren’t extremely feminine or dainty.  These are rough and tumble women.  Strong, athletic and courageous.  The LG Project aims to prove that pretty is not the same as beautiful.  Because pretty is only skin deep, and these women are beautiful.  From their personality to intelligence, they have it all.  And despite their gender, they don’t have to change who they are or what they do in life.  Because, they’re perfect in every way. This social experiment is featured on its website, but we hope to expand to social media soon.  Email the project here.

To read more about the LG Project’s mission, click here.

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