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Exposed by Casper Nielsen
September 24, 2016 No Comments

Politics, Loathing and Non-Partisanship Until Election Day

If you’re a lot like me, when it comes to discussing politics or listening to a presidential debate, I can’t wait for a commercial break.  Nothing gets my blood pumping faster with emotions than election time.  I feel confused, frustrated, pissed off and then bored, all within the short span of just a few months.  Sometimes, I think that’s why we call it a presidential race.  […]

Sorry, I'm Just Not That Kind of Girl, Part I
September 16, 2016 No Comments

Sapiosexual: Sorry, I’m Just Not That Kind of Girl, Part 1

The truth is, I’ve never been accused of being the most feminine person in the world.  But, I’m still a girl. Because, even the iconic, beautiful and utterly feminine, Marilyn Monroe, still had her quirks. Reportedly, she was highly intelligent. But, she was also a perfectionist, and quite picky – especially about her looks. Sorry – but, I think I’ll pass on […]

46930248 - group of happy friends running in to water at sunset - silhouettes of active people having fun on the beach on vacation - tourists going to swim on a tropical island
September 8, 2016 1 comments

Best Friends

“When I say best friends forever, I do not lie. Even though my heart is in pieces, This is not goodbye. A friendship simply put on hold, And, neither one to ever be told. Why a fight has to last so long, And why I cry when I hear that song. I know this hurts […]