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February 19, 2017

Beats for the Soul: Da’Professor’s Instrumental Beats Aim to Inspire Creativity

Let me tell you how Beats for the Soul, a.k.a. Da’Professor, inspired me with just one of his songs. For one, I’m writing this unsolicited music review for him. Why? Because talented artists like him need all the support they can get.  Even if it’s from a no-name writer/blogger, like myself. Because any public exposure will keep his creative


  Delusion, is a poem written about the effects of domestic violence. It’s a realization about how things can spiral out of the control very quickly.  Women and men are victims of domestic violence. Abuse knows no gender. Victims stay in abusive relationships because they’re too afraid to leave. And they think what they feel is love. This poem is a

Waking Up

There’s something about waking up  A blessing and a curse  Not much, but everything  A lot of little things, and just enough  Hands, that dance across my back  Strong fingertips, that rain down my spine  Breath, that pours across my neck  Sensation, that floods my body  Hands, that map a path along my side  Navigating


I can’t help but wonder; As unsaid words trickle down my cheek, How many Souls were forced to say goodbye, Just so that you and I could meet?   Is my meeting you, a goodbye for another? Oh, how my heart aches for each of them. Because, I know what it feels like to say

All Lives Matter

Labels are for clothes. That which is bought and sold. But, every life matters, every young and old. Who cares if someone lives differently than you? What gives you the right to criticize what they do? And, tell me – who died, and then made you boss? Yes – that’s a loaded question; the answer comes

Hard to Love

“Hear this… You don’t get to decide how much I love you. Or, how I show you that I love you. You can’t tell me when it’s okay, and You don’t always get to understand why. All of that is my business, not yours. Luckily, life has blessed us both with our relationship. But, only


As fast as you said hello, You said goodbye. As fast as you stole by heart, You made me cry. As fast as I fell in love, You flew away like a dove. As fast as you caught my eye, I blinked, and you were gone. As fast as you calmed me to sleep, I

Hands that Speak

“I sit down at my desk, Look at my hands and say, “Speak”. Speak in a language, that anyone can understand. “Creativity is how the soul prays.” © Voices, inaudible. Thoughts, confused. Words, twisted. But, hands that speak, are rarely misunderstood. Speak through my soul – an individual, yet selfless. Be willing to give your all.. Be eager to share

Best Friends

“When I say best friends forever, I do not lie. Even though my heart is in pieces, This is not goodbye. A friendship simply put on hold, And, neither one to ever be told. Why a fight has to last so long, And why I cry when I hear that song. I know this hurts

A Chance

“I sit and remember the fun we’ve had. I wonder why we’re so mad. The feelings deep inside will never go away, I don’t understand what happened that day. We fought all the time, I did nothing but cry. The best thing to do, was say goodbye. I was upset, and I heard you were

You and Me

  “Forever I thought it would be, I could never see you without me You told me goodbye, Now my heart left to die. You and me together every day. I love you I every possible way. I would have given you anything, But all you wanted was a “fling”. Here I lay, not knowing

Less Than

“Planted deep down were the seeds of less than. Less than has flourished in my time here, And, growing wilder than ivy on a castle wall. I’m here mowing down the past with every pass of the blade. I’ve nicked myself and others as I’ve passed by. Some people were unintentionally hurt. Others, had karma

Notehawk: Shaping the Wind With His Musical Variety and Talent

Notehawk is a singer songwriter, musician and on-stage performer who’s sure to please any audience with his musical talent. Hailing from the Midwest, perhaps Notehawk first inherited his love for music from his mother. She sang in church, and then she taught him how to play the guitar. Her guitar is hanging on display at his home. Eventually, Notehawk’s love for music pushed him

Dandelion Dreams

Don’t forget to chase the sunshine Or, dance in the rain under darkened clouds Both are blessings from the heavens, Not from where you are now       So much is happening around you. And, so little time to slow down, But, turn your eyes to the Universe, That’s where true life can be found.  


Woke up diagonally in my bed, with a puppy dog still attached to my right side. My cat sat perched on one of my hip bones. She mewed loudly when I tried to move her. I stepped outside to feel the warm sunshine. First, by way of hazelnut coffee. Mmmm. I heard some kids laughing down the