Delusion: the truth about domestic violence

Delusion, is a poem written by Lyrical Gypsy about the effects of domestic violence. And, it provides a realization of how things can spiral out of the control very quickly. Women and men that are in abusive relationships usually stay because they’re filled with the delusion that what they have is “love”. But, love doesn’t hit, blacken eyes and bruise. For this collection, Lyrical Gypsy has […]

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5 Ways People Change in a Relationship

Source: juavenita

Relationships are like a choose your own adventure book. The people, feelings and circumstances are going to change. It’s inevitable. Your actions within the relationship will write the adventure. And, your reaction to changes will determine the final outcome of the story. It’s that simple. What type of adventure are you looking for? And, what kind of changes can you tolerate in a relationship? Here’s some […]

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5 Reasons to bless others that hurt you


Revenge, oh’ sweet revenge, has never accomplished anything good. Retaliation and sabotage are words of action, but they rarely produce good and often make matters worse. When we feel hurt by others, it’s hard to turn a blind eye or the other cheek. We often resort to physical violence to prove a point, and our foolish pride always wants the last word. However, as with […]

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Invention Minions: The truth, and the trivial stuff consumers buy

invention lightbulb

The power that a pile of junk can have over a person is amazing. Whether the person is a creative inventor, a money-hungry investor or eventually the gullible consumer, everyone sees quality and purpose differently. “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” ― Thomas A. Edison New inventions are creative, but the process of taking […]

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