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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poetry: All Lives Matter

Labels are for clothes. That which is bought and sold. But, every life matters, every young and old. Who cares if someone lives differently than you? What gives you the right to criticize what they do? And, tell me – who died, and then made you boss? Yes – that’s a loaded question; the answer comes


Poetry: Hard to Love

“Hear this… You don’t get to decide how much I love you. Or, how I show you that I love you. You can’t tell me when it’s okay, and You don’t always get to understand why. All of that is my business, not yours. Luckily, life has blessed us both with our relationship. But, only

Dandelion Dreams

Don’t forget to chase the sunshine Or, dance in the rain under darkened clouds Both are blessings from the heavens, Not from where you are now       So much is happening around you. And, so little time to slow down, But, turn your eyes to the Universe, That’s where true life can be found.  

J. A. Milton Sr.

Poetry: Less Than

“Planted deep down were the seeds of less than. Less than has flourished in my time here, And, growing wilder than ivy on a castle wall. I’m here mowing down the past with every pass of the blade. I’ve nicked myself and others as I’ve passed by. Some people were unintentionally hurt. Others, had karma

M. L. Jacobs

Poetry: Fast

As fast as you said hello, You said goodbye. As fast as you stole by heart, You made me cry. As fast as I fell in love, You flew away like a dove. As fast as you caught my eye, I blinked, and you were gone. As fast as you calmed me to sleep, I

Poetry: Best Friends

“When I say best friends forever, I do not lie. Even though my heart is in pieces, This is not goodbye. A friendship simply put on hold, And, neither one to ever be told. Why a fight has to last so long, And why I cry when I hear that song. I know this hurts

Poetry: A Chance

“I sit and remember the fun we’ve had. I wonder why we’re so mad. The feelings deep inside will never go away, I don’t understand what happened that day. We fought all the time, I did nothing but cry. The best thing to do, was say goodbye. I was upset, and I heard you were

Poetry: You and Me

  “Forever I thought it would be, I could never see you without me You told me goodbye, Now my heart left to die. You and me together every day. I love you I every possible way. I would have given you anything, But all you wanted was a “fling”. Here I lay, not knowing