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The LG Project hosts a series of online, educational magazines.  Each magazine targets a specific audience based on their interests.  Lyrical Gypsy knows that not everyone is inspired by the same things or has the same hobbies.  Some people love to cook, watch movies, listen to music or read books.  Others like to compose music, perform on stage, create artistic masterpieces or study and discuss their favorite topics. But there’s one thing we all have in common, and that’s our inherent need for creativity in our lives.


“Creativity is how the soul prays. Pray often.” ~ Lyrical Gypsy

logo-squareCreative News and Talent Showcase

Lyrical Gypsy is a creative news and talent showcase, and the LG Project hub.  The LG Project finds and helps promote individuals who are willing to share their creative talents with the world.  Many talented artists, musicians, performers, and writers go unnoticed because they don’t have the social support, encouragement or resources they need to share their creativity.  But the LG Project hopes to change all that by providing a place for creativity to blossom.  Check out the Writer’s Block, Performer’s Studio, and Creative Canvas categories for content dedicated to each type of creative individual.  Look for #FYIO on social media.

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R.A.N.T. UncensoredPublic Study Group and Discussion Forum

R.A.N.T. Uncensored is an all ages, study group and public discussion forum hosted by the LG Project.  The purpose of R.A.N.T. Uncensored is in its name: Realistic and Necessary Talk, which is to discuss social topics and controversial issues.  R.A.N.T’s goal is to help promote free thought, self-expression, social tolerance, education and understanding.  The goal is not to convince anyone of anything. We study together and we learn together.  Look for #rantUP on social media.

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“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” ~ Alexander Hamilton

Inquiring MindsMental Health and Spiritual Health Topics

Inquiring Minds Unite – is a mental health and spiritual health topics website hosted by the LG Project.  Learn how to cleanse your mind and feed your soul with different medical and self-help topics and treatment ideas.  IMU is educational, uplifting, motivational and inspirational because we are so much more than just physical beings.  Look for #FYIO on social media.

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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves.” ~ C.Jung

Love UndercoverDating, Sex and Relationship Advice and Stories

Love Undercover is a blog for men, women and couples of any age.  Lyrical Gypsy is a freelance writer and spiritual life coach who has helped hundreds of male and female clients seeking relationship advice worldwide.  The LG Project promotes healthy relationships but also educates its followers about setting boundaries in their lives to help avoid common pitfalls.

For Mature Men:  The LG Project partners with a relationship coach living in London, a publishing company within the United States and over 40K newsletter subscribers to offer low-cost health and relationship advice programs to men.  Most programs cost $68 with just $1 trial options, like this one:  Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

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Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” ~ Oscar Wilde