The Best Father's Day Gift is Letting Dad be Himself

The Best Father’s Day Gift is Letting Dad Be Himself

I think girls are naturally more showy than boys, and the same goes for mothers versus fathers.  But that doesn’t mean one parent is more creative or supportive than the other.  It just means that each parent has their own way of showing their creativity.

But this Father’s Day, let’s commend all the fathers out there who get in touch with their creative side for the sake of their children.


The Things We Do For Love

Getting creative isn’t easy for every father.  But most will still do what they have to show their love and support for their child.

No, not every child should expect their father to get on stage, learn choreography, or perform in front of hundreds of people.  But every child should recognize all the creative ways their dad does participate in during their lives.



Tell us how your father inspires you creatively in the comments!




The Best Father’s Day Gift is Letting Dad Be Himself

Does your dad inspire you to get creative? Answer, then share your story in the comments below.

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  • Diem says:

    My step-dad is a great artist and musician. He’s legally blind, but he still finds ways to get creative with the use of special magnifying cameras and sheer willpower. He’s very inspiring.

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