About D. M. Stephenson

Author, D. M. Stephenson (@AuthorDiem), has over 25 years of combined experience as a freelance writer, electronic ghostwriter, hobby journalist, niche blogger, creative poet, music lyricist and legal professional.

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Experience and Credentials

D.M. Stephenson /dba Lyrical Gypsy is also a former spiritual life coach, relationship/dating coach and public speaker with clients and audiences around the world. Stephenson has 15+ years of experience studying different personalities and social situations. However, now she only uses her newfound knowledge of people, society, relationships, and human interaction as inspiration for all her writing.

Copyright and Publications

Stephenson’s creative fiction and non-fiction writing is published both traditionally and electronically as a guest blogger, poet, and freelance ghostwriter. She also holds a personal creative works copyright under her full legal name.

Social Media Presence

Stephenson has a (light) social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and more recently Reddit and Instagram.

Business and Affiliate Marketing Inquiries

For serious business or affiliate marketing inquiries, please email: diem@lyricalgypsy.com

Disclaimer: D. M. Stephenson /dba Lyrical Gypsy is not a health professional. Any story or alternative healing technique featured on this website is opinion based, and is not meant to diagnose or treat any physical, mental, or spiritual health condition. All posts and articles are meant for informational and/or entertainment purposes only.