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Lyrical is a social and entertainment journalism blog focusing on behavioral health advocacy, creative activism, social activism, and spiritual wellness.

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Alternative Healing and Spiritual Wellness Tool

Lyrical Gypsy is also an alternative healing and spiritual wellness tool that researches, compiles, and shares life stories. All of our stories focus on the selected person’s life, death, struggles, victories, and defeats with behavioral health issues. And provides some insight into the person’s spiritual wellness routine if available.

Lyrical Gypsy’s primary goal is to help crush the mental health stigma while making discussions about substance abuse, addiction, mental illness, and spirituality, less taboo and more main stream.

Some stories may include celebrity bios. This is to utilize the person’s spotlight and strong platform, and to show our readers more relatable content.

NOTE: Celebrity bios are NOT meant to show favoritism or to judge the person in any way.

Creative Therapy and Social Activism Tool

Lyrical Gypsy is a centralized resource for individuals, doctors, and therapists who seek old and new creative therapy techniques to help manage behavioral health issues.

Lyrical Gypsy firmly believes that if a person or patient is given more support and better treatment options; even creative, that many behavioral health issues can be controlled without the permanent use of prescription medicines, and other addictive substances.

Finally, Lyrical Gypsy hopes that by sharing personal stories of struggle, victory, and defeat, our blog will help more people feel inspired to share theirs. And that with more people writing, there will be less time for violence, crime, hatred, and addiction.

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Find yourself. Inspiring others.

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Stephenson /dba as Lyrical Gypsy has a (light) social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and more recently Reddit and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: D. M. Stephenson /dba Lyrical Gypsy is not a health professional. Any story or alternative healing technique featured on this website is opinion based, and is not meant to diagnose or treat any physical, mental, or spiritual health condition. All posts and articles are meant for informational and/or entertainment purposes only.

Find yourself...Inspiring others!

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