About Lyrical Gypsy

Lyrical Gypsy (“The LG Project”) shares the healing power of creativity and self-expression through literature, music, art, performance and laughter.

On our Facebook page, we also conduct variety of Get Creative! challenges and voluntary Social Experiments meant to educate society, inspire freethinking, increase social/self-awareness, and improve communication.

Social Media Followers and Volunteer Participation

At the end of each Get Creative! challenge or social experiment, our creative team compiles the responses we receive into blog posts for our website. These posts not only help us educate society, but also connects us with more potential followers, who might also benefit from our project.

For this reason, we encourage all of our social media followers to participate in the experiments, take a stand, learn something new, and share their stories.

Find Yourself. Inspiring Others. #findyourselfinspiringothers

Creative Activism

In a society plagued by labeling, profiling and stereotyping, it’s important for each person to follow his/her own path toward social enlightenment. We can’t rely on other people to explain how we feel. This means we need to communicate better, do our own research, voice our own concerns, and work to educate others.

At Lyrical Gypsy, we use creativity to help discuss several taboo and/or controversial subjects, such as:

  • bullying
  • domestic violence
  • crime
  • sexual assault
  • racism
  • civil rights
  • gender equality
  • gender identification
  • sexuality
  • relationships
  • behavioral health issues
  • mental illness
  • substance abuse
  • addiction

Behavioral Health Advocacy and Mental Illness

Studies show that many people who suffer from a mental illness either had mental health problems before they started abusing drugs and alcohol, or they developed a mental illness as a result of abuse or addiction.

At Lyrical Gypsy, we teach readers how to practice mindfulness, present moment awareness, and healing techniques through creativity. We learn how to deal with life’s ups and downs without the use of drugs and/or alcohol, which is often better for our mental health.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

We are creatures of habit, which means most of us don’t like change. We appreciate routine, and we want to live our lives as stress free as possible. But life doesn’t always work out that way. Change is important to help us evolve. People change, circumstances change and some things never change, even though we think they should.

Sometimes when life sends us too much stress or too many obstacles, we start to feel lost. We lose our sense of direction and purpose in life, and we begin looking for (unhealthy) ways to cope. Some people choose to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol just to keep pace, or to help bring them some temporary peace of mind. Speed up, or slow down—is often all we know.

However, we can unlearn unhealthy behaviors with the right kind of support network.

Creative Vision

At Lyrical Gypsy, we host a variety of Get Creative! challenges and social challenges meant to encourage creativity, individuality, and self-expression. But also to inspire more healing through creativity.

  • Caption This!—a fun writing prompt, meme, or GIF challenge meant to inspire gut-wrenching laughter.
  • Visual Truth—a creative collage and photo manipulation challenge with the purpose to share an important message with society.
  • Ghostwriters—an acrostic poem or written excerpt based on a specific controversial theme or topic.
  • Lyrical Journey—a rabbit-hole of inspiring music and lyrics with a twist that is designed to help us focus more on the hidden meaning behind the lyrics.
  • Bullet Journaling—this is a group challenge where the artist uses common art supplies to represent a bigger meaning.

Creative Talent Showcase

Another way Lyrical Gypsy tries to connect with society is by sharing creativity and messages of healing that resonate with our readers.

Here are the three categories we feature in our Creative Visions showcase:

  • Writer’s Block—includes literature lessons, stories, quotes, poetry, and book reviews featuring written life lessons from authors, bloggers, journalists, life coaches, spiritual gurus, and a variety of other motivational leaders.
  • Performer’s Studio—includes music and lyric reviews, TV and movie reviews, podcasts, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, skits, theater, dance, and other performance arts.
  • Creator’s Canvas—includes creative works by multi-media artists, crafters, inventors, photographers, cooks, and offers other hands-on, creative inspiration.

Creative Spirituality

Besides creative and social enlightenment, we also need to do things that help restore our souls.

At Lyrical Gypsy, we research and share various spirituality and esoteric techniques that some people use to help condition bodies and souls.

  • Meditation—guided meditation practices with or without music to aid in relaxation, sleep, or even studying
  • Yoga—various forms of yoga and positions to help condition the mind and body
  • Tarot/Oracle Cards—one-a-day tarot and oracle cards meant to give the reader guidance for the coming day
  • Moon Divination—using the phases of the moon to help educate, cleanse and manifest positive changes in a person’s life
  • Crystal and Gemstones—education about the healing power of crystals and gemstones
  • Candle Magick—using colored candles as part of meditation practices to help manifest positive changes in a person’s life
  • Astrology and Astronomy—using science along with ancient practices to better understand human personalities, behaviors, and actions.
  • Universal Laws—discussing a variety of Universal Laws to educate society about spirituality.


At Lyrical Gypsy, our creative team is always looking for ways to expand our social media exposure, our following, and add more creative talent and stories to our showcase.

If you want to share your personal story of mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction, please submit your story at: submissions@lyricalgypsy.com.

You may use any type of media to help tell your story (writing, music, art, or video performance) as long as it’s original and can be sent to us via email.

Anonymous Submissions

If you want to share your personal story but prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that with your submission.

Please Note: Sharing your story with us is voluntary. We do not pay for submissions. However, if your story is presented well, you might receive an invitation to become one of our regular guest bloggers.

Business Inquiries and Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

We are happy to collaborate with creators and promote any products or services that align with our creative goals.

>>Read our creative Mission Statement here<<

For serious business inquiries or affiliate marketing opportunities, please email us at: admin@lyricalgypsy.com.

Disclaimer: D. M. Stephenson /dba Lyrical Gypsy is not a health professional. Any story or alternative healing technique featured on this website is based on opinion and is not meant to diagnose or treat any physical, mental, or spiritual health condition. All posts and articles are meant for informational and/or entertainment purposes only.

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