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A Rainbow Dream

A Rainbow Dream – a Welcome Home Poem

A Green forest path beckons

……into the Mountain…Highrainbow love butterfly bill

A Welcome Home Hug, signs, Blue sky.

To teepees and tents and Mystery Trails,

Pacholie and Sage drift familuar smells.

Blissful smiles and smiling eyes,

Colorful Gypsies and Hippie tye-dyes.

To Share, to Give and to Trade,

Hemp and Help and Things Homemade.

Stars, Magic Crystals, Painted Beads…..

Shitters hidden among the weeds ūüėČ

Circle around OM, hands together

Tastee Kitchen Food, Power Feather.

Then Dark Shadows around Mystical Fire,

Shaman’s Drum rhythms at Natures pyer.

Lovin the Earth under Black Night, Stars,

Gathers our Family from a Far.


A Tribe, a Nation , a Reunion to show,

The beautiful “Family of the Rainbow”.

Yet we’re all different, creative, Not Same.

the Symbolism of the chosen name.

Back to Natural to find our “Real”

Something you must live, can’t Think, must Feel.

Forever Something “they” can’t see,

Inside of you, Inside of me.

A Spirit a peace a belonging to Find.

And then it’s Forever in our Mind.

And once the COLORS get in your eyes,

Your Soul, your Essense will realize…

What draws us together is a Mystery…..

A Rainbow DrEaM…..by¬†¬† Sun_Gypsy~~~*

¬© Kelly O’Donnell

Photo credit: John Lincoln Alft

All rights reserved.

*borrowed and shared works from the original author

Google Keyword Planner Helps Cure Writer's Block

How the Google Keyword Planner is a Free Cure for Writer’s Block

The Google¬†keyword planner is a free service called AdWords.¬† But I use AdWords for more than just advertising.¬† The keyword planner also helps cure my writer’s block by giving me plenty of writing inspiration.¬†¬†Have an idea?¬† Let¬†Google AdWords¬†help motivate you to¬†start getting creative!

Where to Find the Free Google Keyword Planner

Finding and Using the Free Google Adwords PlannerAs long as you have an idea about what you want to write about, the Google keyword planner will help.

Go to the website:  adwords.google.com and create a free account.  Then go to the tools menu and click on the keyword planner.

On the far left side of the screen enter a phrase or subject into one of the search options.  Then you can narrow your search down by different demographics like location or language.  For this blog post, I just entered Google keyword planner.

Once the search results come up, the¬†list will show you how many times¬†people have used Google to search for the same phrase.¬† It also shows you the¬†competition you can expect, if you plan to use the phrase for your next AdWords campaign.¬† But if the search results aren’t as good as you expected, use the relevance search below the main list.

Google Keyword Planner Relevance Search

My favorite part of the Google Keyword Planner is the relevance search on the bottom of the original search results list.  Google AdWords lists plenty of relevant ideas for you to write about.  You can include several subjects within your blog post, or you can build additional blog posts off the relevance search.  Either way, the Google keyword planner will help keep you writing and blogging. Google Keyword Planner Relevance Search

As a writer and blogger, I can always find something to write about.¬† Inspiration is everywhere.¬† But I have a tendency to include too much information in one blog post.¬† That’s my biggest downfall as a writer.

But when it comes to blogging, I’ve learned that I can’t do that.¬† I have to keep my writing clear and concise.¬† Especially, when I’m trying to promote or market a product, including my creative writing projects.

With the Google Keyword Planner, I can find many different subjects to write about within a¬†main subject.¬† Also, each¬†keyword has its own search rate, which means¬†I¬†don’t have to include them all in one post.

Get creative!¬† Write a little bit every day and stay motivated.¬† Let the creative juices flow.¬† But if you get stuck with¬†writer’s block, use the Google keyword planner for inspiration.¬† Just remember, when¬†it comes to marketing a product,¬†less is more.


Don’t like to write?¬† >>¬† Get artsy fartsy creative with tiny trinkets! <<

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Relationship Poems

Relationship Poems by M. L. Jacobs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sides of Love

The sensation I get from rereading some of my old poetry, including relationship poems I’ve written, is hard to explain. But I guess the feeling is a lot like hearing an old familiar song on the radio.  As the music and lyrics take me back to another time, the nostalgia feels good and sometimes it’s healing just to realize how far I’ve come in my life.  I never wrote relationship poems about any particular person but mostly about the subject of love and relationships in general. But given the topic, I always seemed to find something to write about and share.

Recommend Read >>>  Love Undercover, another project by Lyrical Gypsy

Even while I’m writing this post, I realize that not everyone likes to write poetry as much as I do. Some people enjoy reading, drawing, dancing or listening to music as their creative outlet.  But hopefully, this post will serve as a challenge to those people to start writing too.  Because there’s healing power in journaling and through other writing styles.

Relationship Poems About Being Just Friends

When I first met M. L. Jacobs, I didn’t know she loved to write.  But once I found out, I asked her to share some of her writing with me and the LG Project.  She agreed, but then had trouble finding where she’d kept all of her writing over the years.  Eventually, she found some of her writing in notebooks and stored in boxes.  Then, she found more of her writing stored on old floppy disks, which she needed to use a converter to open the files.



But the point is that Jacob’s kept all of her poems, including the relationship poems.  Love found. Love lost.  And love stuck somewhere in between are the themes of most of Jacob’s writing.  No one could read her poems while they gathered dust at the bottom of a box, but she still kept them over the years, whether shared or not.  She wrote them for herself, like a poetic journal because writing and poetry is healing, just like music and lyrics.

Friends are just as important to have as lovers in life.  But what happens when a friend becomes a lover? Sometimes, they leave lasting memories worth writing about.  See if any of Jacob’s relationship poems resonate with you?


“…why a fight has to last so long.  And why I cry when I hear that song.  I know this hurts but it has to be.  I need to be noticed as only me…”


Click here >>> to read the rest of the poem, “Best Friends”

Relationship Poems About Opportunities Missed and Longing

Jacob’s also writes poems about opportunities missed and longing for a partner she could no longer have.  Sometimes, things don’t work out in love and relationships.  But that doesn’t mean the memories aren’t worth writing about.  Some of the best poems I’ve read have nothing to do with the relationships that made it.  Because we all know that fairy tale endings are for stories.

“…now, we‚Äôre face to face, I wonder if I should wait.  Should I kiss you now, or is it too late?”

Click here >>> to read the rest of the poem, “A Chance”

Love Poems About Break Ups and Loss

One of the hardest parts of life to learn is that NOTHING lasts forever.  Jacobs’ documents some of her feelings about becoming part of a friends with benefits relationship.  It’s never easy to say goodbye or to leave someone in our past.  But we should still write about our experiences while the memories last.  Sorry – I guess that rhymed a little too, didn’t it?


“…now, we‚Äôre face to face, I wonder if I should wait.  Should I kiss you now, or is it too late?”


Click here >>> to read the rest of the poem, “You and Me”

Real Love Shows Appreciation

As I’ve watched Jacobs’ writing abilities progress, I’ve also watched her relationships progress through poetic story.  In some of her most recent submissions to the LG Project, it’s clear that she’s found true love.


“…I would’ve give you anything.  But all you wanted was a fling…”

Click here >>> to read the rest of the poem, “Sunny Day”

Once, he was just the father of her children and her love lost.  But now, he’s back in her life and giving her more happy memories to write about. Sometimes, relationship poems show sadness and heartbreak.  But in Jacobs’ case, she turned her sadness into inspiration and into appreciation when she found the man of her dreams.

“…This is it, I’m done.  In finding you, I’ve found the one!!”

Click here >>> to read the rest of the poem, “Deep Inside You Should Know”


Delusion: a poem about domestic violence

Delusion: A Poem About Domestic Violence and Abusive Relationships

Delusion, is a poem written about the effects of¬†domestic violence. It’s a realization about how¬†things¬†can spiral out of the control very quickly.¬† Women and men are victims of domestic violence.¬†Abuse knows no gender.¬†Victims stay in abusive relationships because they’re too afraid to leave. And¬†they think what they feel is love. This poem is a reminder that love¬†doesn’t hit, blacken eyes and bruise bodies.

For this poem,¬†I’ve¬†chosen to use artistic works¬†by¬†Italian painter,¬†Donatella Marcatjo, and country hip-hop artist, Mini-Thin, to help me¬†recreate “Delusion” in a poetic, artistic and musical way.¬† It may seem like a weird combination to use, pairing an Italian painter with a hip-hop artist, but their messages are¬†clear regardless of the style or genre. Perhaps a poem, painting and song will help victims understand they’re not alone. And they can do something about their abusive relationship, before it’s too late.

Domestic Violence Explained with Video


Domestic Violence Explained with Art

domestic violence

When describing her oil painting (shown left), Donatella Marcatjo writes:

‚ÄúYou‚Äôre Only Mine!‚ÄĚ: “one of the most used and banal sentence of a dirty and coward man who beats up his woman. Woman is a puppet on the hand of that man, he dominates her physically and psychologically. Woman is isolated, threatened, mistreated, humiliated, raped. There‚Äôs an inextricable spider web of violences from whom she can‚Äôt escape. A lot of women break up this aspyxiating spider web, but many other understand their situation too late‚Ķ”

Donatella has many captivating pieces of art to share. But these are my favorites. Because they tell a story all by themselves.

Domestic Violence Explained with Music

Music artist, “Mini-Thin”, is a dreamy eyed bad boy originally hailing from West Virginia.¬†Many people don’t listen to¬†hip-hop and rap music because they say its full¬†of¬†violence, drugs and “killin’ bitches”. And sometimes, that’s true. But¬†these lyrics tell a story worth sharing.¬† The song conveys a¬†real life message, which can’t be misunderstood.¬† I thought there used to be a video with the song, but I guess it changed to a lyric video. Either way, it’s worth sharing.¬† Like the video on YouTube, and continue supporting¬†creativity like this.

Learn to Protect Yourself



As fast as you said hello,

You said goodbye.

As fast as you stole by heart,

You made me cry.

As fast as I fell in love,

You flew away like a dove.

As fast as you caught my eye,

I blinked, and you were gone.

As fast as you calmed me to sleep,

I was left awake ‚Äėtill dawn.

As fast as you were mine,

I was alone with my heart dying.

As fast as I found my forever,

My forever became my never.

By: M. L. Jacobs

© 2016, All Rights Reserved

Less Than

“Planted deep down were the seeds of less than.

Less than has flourished in my time here,

And, growing wilder than ivy on a castle wall.

I’m here mowing down the past with every pass of the blade.

I’ve nicked myself and others as I’ve passed by.

Some people were unintentionally hurt.

Others, had karma come back,

In the form of a shadow smiling from behind your fear.

So, goodbye I’m tired of being cut by my own decisions.

Goodbye to the less than that’s made me doubt myself.

I’m more important to me than I realize.

Without my resilience and my determination,

I’m next to nothing,

When my less than makes me more than I ever was.

I should‚Äôve seen it.”

Less Than

By: J. A. Milton, Sr.

© 2016

Photo:  Jack Moreh, Stockvault



Relationship Poems

Deep Inside You Should Know

“Tonight was different, there’s something there.

Something special that we share.

You looked at me like never before.

I stared at you, my heart just soared.

I know you love me, I see it in your eyes.

The past is behind us, even the lies.

We’re both at fault, both done wrong.

We can make it better, we’ve made it this long.

I’m sorry that i hurt you, know that this is true.

No one really loves you, as much as i do!

I know it didn’t always show.

But my love for you will always grow.

I vow to you to never let go!

This is it, I am done.

In finding you, I’ve found the one!!”

“Deep Inside You Should Know”

M. L. Jacobs © 2017

relationship poems

Sunny Day

“On that sunny day you stole my heart.

I was lost right from the start.

Your smile shined, your eyes just glimmered.

My heart fluttered, and my soul just shimmered.

The look in your eyes set me free.

Opened my eyes and let me see.

On that sunny day i looked in your eyes.

On that sunny day you erased all the lies.

You’re on my mind day and night.

You make me melt when you’re in sight.

Your smile is sweet, it’s so clear.

My heart is calm, but it want you here.

To take my hand and hold me near.

For loving you I do not fear.”

“Sunny Day”

M. L. Jacobs  © 2017

Best Friends

“When I say best friends forever, I do not lie.

Even though my heart is in pieces,

This is not goodbye.

A friendship simply put on hold,

And, neither one to ever be told.

Why a fight has to last so long,

And why I cry when I hear that song.

I know this hurts but it has to be.

I need to be noticed as only me.

Even though I walk away,

Please know it will not stay.

My love for you will always grow,

I promise you I will never let go.

It’s not forever, I will be back,

That‚Äôs only if you uncover the track.”


Best Friends

by: M. L. Jacobs

© 2016

Photo: Sub, 123rf.com

A Chance

“I sit and remember the fun we‚Äôve had.

I wonder why we’re so mad.

The feelings deep inside will never go away,

I don’t understand what happened that day.

We fought all the time, I did nothing but cry.

The best thing to do, was say goodbye.

I was upset, and I heard you were too,

I wish you knew how much I miss you.

The days flew by, the years are gone,

I wonder how I lived so long.

Now, we’re face to face, I wonder if I should wait.

Should I kiss you now, or is it too late?

I’ve waited too long, it’s too much time,

Just give me a chance to make you mine.”


A Chance

by: M. L. Jacobs

© 2016

Photo: Subscription, 123rf.com



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