Creative Cookie recipes

Fidget Spinner Cookies: One of the Most Creative and Fun Cookie Recipes

Fidget Spinner Cookies: One of the Most Creative and Fun Cookie Recipes

This summer, while the kids are at home from school, get creative!  Look up some of your favorite cookie recipes and spend some time together in the kitchen. Your kids will thank you for the tasty treat and so will your creative soul.

One of the Most Creative Cookie Recipes

I just found the video recipe below for Fidget Spinner Cookies.  Is that cool, or what?  To me, this is one of the most creative and fun cookie recipes I’ve ever seen.  It’s colorful, interactive and tasty too.  But mostly, it’s inspirational, which is why it belongs on this website, and displayed as art.


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The Art of Cooking is Good for the Soul

Sometimes, I joke about my nieces turning my kitchen into Mr. Wizard’s science lab.  Then I stare at all the dirty dishes piled up on the counters and regret letting them try a new recipe.

But I’ll admit, I love how creative my nieces get when they’re cooking.  I love how they cooperate and communicate with each other, and how they love to learn.  All the smiles make the pile of dirty dishes seem worth it.  And, I know that smiling is good for the soul.

Not everyone can be a writer, musician or performer.  But if you have some skills in the kitchen, you can still be an artist.  Grab your favorite recipe and start creating.


Get Creative with Cooking and Stay Healthy

If you’re anything like me, after I cook a meal, I’m barely hungry.  Yes, I usually snack while I’m cooking or baking.  But, I’m not nearly as hungry as when I was sitting on the couch and thinking about food.

It’s a proven fact that some people eat more when they’re tired or bored.  I know it might seem odd to use the word healthy in a post about cookie recipes.  But creativity has its own healing power because it engages the brain in productive and healthy ways.

Cookie recipes aren’t just for kids.  They’re for adults too.  If you can’t decide whether you’re hungry or just bored, start by trying this recipe.

Share your favorite and fun recipes in the comments.




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