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About Lyrical Gypsy

About Lyrical Gypsy

Lyrical Gypsy is a creative therapy and behavioral health blog hosted by D. M. Stephenson.  As a ghostwriter, author and lyricist, D. M. uses this blog to explore her passion for literature, art and music.  But that’s not all.  She’s also an advocate for creative therapy and uses different forms of creativity to help combat her own behavioral health issues, including mental illness and former substance abuse.


“Creativity is how the soul prays. Pray often.”

~ D. M. Stephenson


Find Yourself…Inspiring Others

Find Yourself...Inspiring OthersFind Yourself…Inspiring Others is Lyrical Gypsy’s creative mission and a double entendre, which represents a magic circle, and a unique connection between inspiration and creativity. Without one, the other cannot exist. People have to feel inspired to get creative, and they have to feel appreciated and supported to stay creative.

When a person feels supported, they feel more confident about themselves, and they want to share their creative ideas and stories with others. That’s how the magic circle never stops spinning – through inspiration, creativity and sharing.

We Are On This Creative Journey Together

While struggling with behavioral health disorders, it’s easy for a person to forget their individual importance in the world.  But creativity, of any kind, offers a fantastic reminder of purpose.

For D. M., writing, blogging and inspiring other people to do the same feels therapeutic.  And that’s why she tells her personal story.  Not for pity, but to help inspire more creativity in the world. Creativity, of any kind, has a unique way of blending all of our emotions together.

Dandelion Dreams

Quiet.  Loud.  Happy.  Sad.

Angry.  Excited.  Anxious.  Calm.

Creativity speaks with words we can’t always find in ourselves.  Art, music and performance offers a safe place to run whenever we feel bored, lonely, or just want to give up on life completely.

Send out a message of support…

If you know someone who’s struggling with mental illness, family problems, social problems, body issues, or addiction, offer your support. Even if you’re not creative yourself, by sharing this website you’re offering creative inspiration. And once you see how you’ve helped make a difference in their lives through creativity, you many decide to start on a creative path of your own.  We are all in this together.


“Aspire to inspire before you expire.” ~ Eugene Bell Jr.


Peace & Blessings


Special Note:  D. M. is not a doctor, and she is not suggesting that her readers substitute sound medical advice with creative therapy.  This blog is a creative resource and meant for informational and entertainment purposes only. 

Find yourself...Inspiring others!

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