Find Yourself…Inspiring Others

Find Yourself…Inspiring Others is a double entendre and Lyrical Gypsy’s mission statement because the more we watch other people, the more we learn about ourselves.

Abbreviated #FYIO on all social media platforms, #FYIO encourages more people to get creative, share their talents, and inspire others to do the same.

This is a creative compilation blog.  It’s purpose is to inspire its readers to begin a creative journey of their own.


“Creativity is how the soul prays. Pray often.” ~ Lyrical Gypsy


Healing the World through Creativity

Creativity is therapeutic, as seen in psychology research and work with mental health patients.  There’s a reason why many of us feel naturally drawn to cooking, gardening, watching television, reading books, playing games and listening to music.  These aren’t just hobbies; they’re forms of creativity.

Simply put – being creative is a lot less expensive than a doctor’s appointment.  You can trust a doctor and drugs to help you cope with the everyday stresses of life, or you can trust your own intuition.

If something inside of you is saying try that recipe, put together that puzzle, take a picture, learn to play guitar, sign up for dance classes or write a memoir – do it!  Your body and mind knows what it needs better than anyone else does.


Find Yourself…Inspiring Others Motivates People to Get Creative!

There’s a magical circle between inspiration and creativity.  Without one, the other cannot exist. People have to feel inspired to get creative and learn something about their capabilities or personality to stay motivated.

Through a series of social projects hosted by Lyrical Gypsy, we hope to encourage more people to explore self-expression. We blog about art and artists alike, as well as relationships and various social topics because not everyone feels motivated by the same things.


Where Does Creativity Fit Into Your Life?

You are what you create both literally, figuratively, metaphorically and symbolically.  The Universal Law of Attraction tells us that the Universe reflects back what we send out, which includes what we send out through our creativity.

Create happiness, and you will get back happiness.  Create sadness, and you will get back sadness.  But if you don’t create at all, you’re missing out on a huge blessing; the opportunity to inspire someone else.

“Aspire to inspire before you expire.” ~ Eugene Bell Jr.


Creativity, of any kind, has a unique way of blending all of our emotions together.  Quiet.  Loud.  Happy.  Sad.  Angry.  Excited.  But creativity is also a safe place for us to run to when we feel bored, lonely, or want to give up on life completely.

If you see a person struggling with mental illness, family problems, social problems, body issues, or even addiction, share the gift of creativity with them.  Show them how you cope with life and inspire them to do the same.

Creativity heals restless souls and inspiration fosters change in behaviors and attitudes about life. Together, they can do great things.

“Everyone hears a different story.  But every creative story is worth sharing.” ~ Lyrical Gypsy


A Final Note from Lyrical Gypsy:

“I’m a real person.  Lyrical Gypsy is my voice, my creative alter-ego, and sometimes, my evil doppelgänger.  I am not perfect, and I struggle in life too.  But I’ve found a way to cope through creativity..

Someday, I hope to leave behind my own creative legacy.  But I want people to remember me by more than just my name.  I want them to remember how my art made them feel, and hopefully encourage them to share their own creative journey with others with the same purpose.”  

Peace & Blessings


Find yourself...Inspiring others at Lyrical Gypsy


Find yourself...Inspiring others!