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"Creativity is how the soul prays. Pray often."

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A collection of written life lessons about self-love and self-care found in quotes, poetry, books, and other forms of literature.

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A collection of stories about self-expression found in music, lyrics, TV and movies, podcasts, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, skits, theater, dance, and other performance arts.

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A collection of creative inspiration and social activism found in multi-media arts, crafts, inventions, photography, fashion, food, and nature.

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"Outstanding !!!! 5 STARS THE WHOLE WAY !!!"

LuckySparkle | Spiritual Services

"Very accurate and very fast with delivering the messages to me. I would highly recommend her and look forward to future reading with her!"

in2itive1 | Spiritual Services

"Words cannot express the gift you have given me through private. You were so committed and full of clarity to me and my way of life. I appreciate you so much .. very beautiful and pure light .. Namaste ”

Janine | Spiritual Services

"A wonderful lady and caring woman ... she is completely honest and gives good advice and is so friendly."

marionlyttle | Spiritual Services

"Every single thing she said hit the house, as if we had been friends for life. I totally found my person and look forward to returning for updates."

Anonymous | Spiritual Services

"Stellar job! Listened and understood all my needs and requirements. Excellent knowledge of the law. Fast turnaround and great questions. Absolutely excellent work. Will always give her first choice at all my legal work."

Anonymous | Business Writing

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Diamsi International | Business Writing

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AstroPeg | Creative Writing

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Cecil “DC” Glenn | Business Writing

"Fantastic writer. Flexible, great communication, and she has a really on-point writing style. Very high end writer. You will be lucky if you can work with her."

Richard G. | Calworth Glenford, LLC | Creative and Business Writing

Clear, concise and intelligent writer. Fast and reliable!

Natalia B. | Lone Wolf Magazine | Creative Writing

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Moon Divination

Moon Divination

Learning how to use the phases of the moon as a meditation tool and calendar to help focus on setting and achieving short-term and long-term goals. Loading… Loading…

Universal Laws

Universal Laws

Explaining a variety of Universal Laws to help educate society about some of the basic principles of spirituality. Loading… Loading…

Visual Truth

Visual Truth

A creative challenge to inspire and teach self-care and self-expression through multi-media collages and/or photo manipulation. Loading… Loading…

Lyrical Journey

Lyrical Journey

A rabbit-hole of inspiring music and lyrics with a spiritual twist designed to help readers find and understand the hidden meaning behind the lyrics. Loading… Loading…

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The Death of DMX

The Death of DMX: A Tormented Soul and Far from a Hero

If you research the life and death of Earl Simmons, the music artist professionally known as DMX, you’ll likely find a wide variety of resources. Some results might include news reports about his untimely death on April 9, 2021, at just 50 years old. Others might be articles calling him a hero in the rap […]

Country Music Teaches the Importance of Self-Love Even While in a Relationship

Country Music Teaches the Importance of Self-Love Even While in a Relationship

I often hear people say they don’t like listening to country music because the songs are too depressing, and sometimes they’re right. Country music tells a story about life, which isn’t always glamourous. But often, somewhere between all the seemingly depressing lyrics, there’s a lesson to be learned. A lesson about the essence of life, […]

Missing Person Nancy Renkas

Missing Person Nancy Renkas Tarot Card Spread

Have you ever had a cold case file or missing person report that doesn’t sit well with you? Like, you know there’s gotta be more to the story, and you keep hoping someone would reopen the investigation? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the missing person case involving Nancy Renkas. First, let me share […]