Badflower: Ok, I'm Sick Album and Ghost Song Review

Badflower: The True Story Behind Ghost and Suicide

In February 2019, the alternative rock band, Badflower, introduced their debut album, Ok, I’m Sick. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the four-piece band surprised the music world with their first collection of songs. There are 13 songs listed on the debut album, with a total listening time of just less than an hour. And with songs that discuss controversial topics like drugs, anxiety, rape, and suicide, Badflower fans are certain keep coming back for more new stuff.

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Badflower: The Story Behind Ghost is Based on a True Story

One of my favorite Badflower songs is Ghost. Its music video only appeared on YouTube about a year ago, but the song already has over 14 millions views.

According to several interviews, Badflower’s lead singer and guitarist, Josh Katz admits that he was in a dark place when he wrote the song Ghost. He wrote the song directly after a gig, and after a lifelong struggle with severe anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. Josh also admits that Ghost is a true story about his personal history with drugs and self-harm. And at one of his lowest points in life, he even contemplated taking his own life.

Fortunately, Josh soon realized that writing about his compulsions helps him feel better able to manage his behavioral health issues. And now he feels like he’s in a better place mentally. He wants to live, so that he can continue making and sharing his music.

Finding Your Creative Inspiration

If you’ve had a chance to read LG’s post: Jeremy Zucker: Depression and What the Fuck Are You On? , then maybe you understand why songs like Ghost are important. Especially for those people who suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression.

You are not alone. In fact, thousands, if not millions, of fans and musicians also suffer from mental illness. The only difference is what each person chooses to do cope with the symptoms.

For many musicians like Josh Katz, he had to hit rock bottom to remember how to stand. And how to allow his music to become his saving grace.

Today, Josh openly shares his worries, fears, and feelings of inadequacy through his lyrics without fearing judgment. He knows he’s not alone, and he no longer feels like suicide is his only option. Instead, he tells his story through his music, and he speaks to an audience who understands. He found his purpose in life.


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  1. Such a great piece!! Thanks for shining light on such an important cause and reminding us that struggle that we are not alone!!

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