Ghost Adventures, Demon House, and Zak Bagans’ Demon Possession

Ghost Adventures, hosted by Zak Bagans, first premiered on the Travel Channel in October 2008. But I’ll admit, researching for this post is my absolute first encounter with him or his show. So, this entire post should offer readers an unbiased opinion, as well as some spiritual insight into the longstanding rumor about Zak’s controversial demonic possession.

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagan’s Possession at Poveglia Island, Italy

What is an Evil Spirit?

When paranormal investigators like the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) visit places like Poveglia Island, they already know what to expect. And it doesn’t matter if place is actually haunted, or not. Because just knowing about a place’s infamous history; paranormal, or otherwise, is often enough to trigger high levels of stress and anxiety. I’m not saying that’s what Zak experienced in Poveglia, or if it was just an act, but both seem more likely a demon possession.

But something readers might find interesting is that after Zak filmed his Poveglia Island visit in 2009, he went on to write several books, and even bought a haunted house in Gary, Indiana. He filmed a documentary of himself living in the “Demon House” over the course of three years, then he tore it down, but kept some of the artifacts for his haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Then, during an interview with CW’s reporter, Jeff Maher, Zak goes on to explain why he put a disclaimer at the beginning of the documentary. Not as a marketing ploy, but rather as a warning.

“Whenever I spoke about these forces, things would happen to me, around me, and to other people.”

Zak Bagans | Ghost Adventures | Demon House

Is Anything about Ghost Adventures True?

Recently, I asked one of Zak’s close friends if he/she would agree to write a guest piece about their Ghost Adventures together. He/she declined, but agreed to an informal interview without any credit or attributions.

Here’s why…

“I attribute my investigations with them as to why I’m so sick now. Fully believe it. I even blame [it for] all the stuff that happened in our house. SEVERAL pets dying. My Dad dying. Then my Momma.”

“Something happened with Zak after Poveglia, and I think that energy rubbed off on others, myself included.”

Zak’s ANONYMOUS friend
and former member of ghost adventures crew (gac)

As with anything paranormal or supernatural, the truth about demon possession remains highly subjective. Because there are just as many factors that go into a person believing in ghosts, evil spirits, and demons as there are personal stories.

However, there is some medical and spiritual science truth about absorbing and reacting to potentially negative energies. Even if it is just psychologically, or by experiencing psychosomatic pain.

For anyone who doesn’t know, psychosomatic pain is a medical phenomenon that causes a person’s body to physically react to psychological triggers, such as stress and anxiety. Psychosomatic disorder happens when a person’s body mimics a perceived pain, and sometimes without reason.

Could this be what Zak experienced while visiting Poveglia Island, and then again in the “Demon House”? Since he already believed the island and house were cursed?

“Believe Nothing You Hear, Half of What You See, and Everything You Feel”

Thousands, if not millions of people study and follow topics like supernaturalism and paranormal activity. Because humans have an incessant need to know; regardless of the danger involved.

Here’s a quote from Zak Bagans’ Amazon author profile:

“I never believed in ghosts until I had an encounter in my apartment in Michigan that compelled me to find answers about the afterlife. “

Zak Bagans | Ghost Adventures Crew

This is how it happens for most people. One strange experience, and the person suddenly wants to know everything they can about the paranormal world. And what better place to start than with a well-known paranormal investigator like Zak Bagans?

Click this link to pre-order Zak Bagans’ most recent book:

Ghost-Hunting for Dummies

What if it’s not real? O.K., but what if it is?

Now, I have my own disclaimer.

The purpose of this post is not to convince anyone of anything. That’s not my job. My job is to provide information, and then let my readers make their own decisions about what to believe, or not. No one else’s opinion matters here.

“After Poveglia, when he [Zak] got possessed, it became dark, all about demons, and money…It’s all about evil and opening doors to it…I’m over it. I will always miss my friend, but he’s lost his way and his path is too dark to keep supporting.”


But I want to caution readers with a reminder that Ghost Adventures is just a television show. And when it comes to television, very few things happen by coincidence. From finding the perfect location to scripting the actors themselves; everything is planned.

Is Zak Bagans possessed by a demon? I guess no one really knows. But one thing for sure is that his history of paranormal investigations has opened a whole new realm of possibilities. And that alone, is worth exploring.


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