Mercury Retrograde and Understanding the Trickster Planet

While Mercury Retrograde probably isn’t a great time to start new projects or business ventures, it is a perfect time for me to introduce the new spirituality and wellness portion of my blog.

What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean to Astronomy?

For anyone who doesn’t know what Mercury Retrograde means, let me explain by starting with Science.

According to astronomy, retrograde is a strange celestial phenomena that occurs three or four times a year, and lasts just over three weeks. The term retrograde, refers to moving backward, which is what Mercury appears to do after completing its 88-Earth-day orbit around the sun. It’s an optical illusion, and every planet does it, but Mercury earns more attention due to its mythological history.

“You can experience this effect [retrograde] for yourself. Start out standing side by side with a friend. Have a friend walk forward slowly. Now you walk forward at a faster speed. Watch your friend and think about how they are moving relative to you. At first, they move away, then as you pass them, they APPEAR to be moving backward relative to you – even though they are still walking forward.”

What does Mercury Retrograde Mean to Astrology?

Since astrology studies the stars and planet’s affect on other life, retrograde is a favorite topic among astrologers. Mercury is the Roman god of swift communication and travel, but also a thief and a trickster. So, when retrograde happens, everyone on Earth experiences the planetary effects.

According to astrology, the effects of Mercury Retrograde are three-fold. First, there’s an obvious cycle or series of events that happen just a few weeks prior to the retrograde. Then during retrograde, those events revisit our lives, before finalizing a path full of new lessons learned.

Here’s a list of the Mercury’s upcoming retrogrades, provided by

  • Mercury Retrograde calendar

What Can Humans Learn From Mercury?

Some people fear or even dread retrograde because it slows down and disrupts time, travel, and communication. So, a traditional piece of advice is:

“Don’t travel. Don’t sign contracts. And avoid any relationship-defining conversations.”

There are countless blog posts from people who blame Mercury for all the unexpected chaos in their lives. Unseasonable weather. Unexpected travel delays. Expensive car problems. Bad business deals. Electronic and computer malfunctions. And relationship woes, are just a few of the common complaints.

However, despite the planet’s infamous negative effects on well…everything, there are also many positive aspects.

Why Retrograde is a Sacred Time for Humans

Mercury Retrograde is like a Universal do-over card. It’s a time to revisit past mistakes, reunite with old relationships, re-examine old feelings, and reconsider old patterns. It’s not a good time to make any big, life-changing decisions because the planet will soon continue forward, but it is a great time for self-examination and rethinking strategies. And since Mercury governs communication, humans receive a reminder to slow down and relax. Receive, process, and then respond, after gaining clarity of thought.

Mercury Retrograde forces communication to slow down so that humans do too. It’s a time to relax, gain clarity, and appreciate internal dialogue. Because if we don’t, the trickster planet will intervene using some unlikely, and often undesirable resources to help teach us.


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