Missing Person Nancy Renkas

Missing Person Nancy Renkas Tarot Card Spread

Have you ever had a cold case file or missing person report that doesn’t sit well with you? Like, you know there’s gotta be more to the story, and you keep hoping someone would reopen the investigation? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the missing person case involving Nancy Renkas.

First, let me share some minor but potentially important information. I have no personal connection to Nancy, her family, or to her as a missing person case. The only connection I have is to one of her sons, who was one of my online gaming friends in July 2016. But I have since deleted him because a few months later, maybe around Christmas, he sent me a Facebook message asking to borrow money. Nancy’s son claimed that he and his brother were stranded in Las Vegas and that they needed help getting back home to Wisconsin. I declined to help, and I haven’t heard from him since.

The only information I have about the case is what is already public. This post is just a placeholder for my thoughts. It is not based on fact, only opinion, and is meant for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Also, the following tarot spreads use the Rider Waite tarot deck, which is a beginner deck that can be purchased on Amazon. However, the explanation for each card is my personal narrative.

So, let’s begin…

Police Still Searching for New Leads in Missing Person Investigation

Nancy Renkas went missing from Iron Mountain, Michigan, on July 18, 2016. There are plenty of online news stories about her, so I won’t bother explaining the case, but I do have several questions.

First, at one point, there was a four-part, multi-jurisdictional task force working on the case. I don’t know if this is still true, but it seems like the police should have more information by now. It has been almost five years, but the story hasn’t received a public update since August 2020. Not since naming a potential suspect. What’s the deal?

Missing Person Tarot Spread

Two of Cups (Inverted)
Four of Pentacles

First, the Two of Cups (reversed) is never a good way to start a missing person spread. This indicates a serious problem with communication. Or, an emotional argument resulting in a fight between friends or lovers. The element of this card is water, or the west direction.

The second card is Justice, which indicates fairness and justice served upon liars and cheaters. And it guarantees more communication coming soon, perhaps through court or legal proceedings. The element for this card is air, or the East direction.

The Four of Pentacles is another balance card, but in the form of foundation and money. And perhaps even finding a resolution for the family. The element for this card is earth, or the North direction.

Tarot Card Analysis of the Evidence and Suspect

With regards to the evidence, the following tarot spread is about the suspect’s involvement in Renkas’ disappearance.

NOTE: I am purposely leaving the suspect’s name out of the post.

Six of Wands
Three of Pentacles (Inverted)
The Lovers

First, I feel like the suspect helped Renkas disappear, whether knowingly or not. I also think the suspect originally withheld information from the police, but is now having serious internal conflicts about that. Now, the suspect wants Renkas to come back, tell her story, and set the record straight.

“I am innocent. I didn’t do anything to anybody; I don’t deserve this. They have released my name out there, on TV. They have made it unbearable. Police shouldn’t be able to do this. They have abused their power. They have destroyed my life. People should know this part of the story. They need to know what they can do to an innocent person. And Nancy, if you are listening to this, you know all I have ever done is help you and be kind to you. Don’t be afraid come forward, I will help you now, like I always have. Now, I feel like you can actually help me.

Suspect interview with TV6 (WLUC)

Final Thoughts

Based on the above cards, I think Nancy Renkas feels backstabbed and betrayed by someone close to her. I don’t sense any foul play in her disappearance, and I think she’s missing by choice because the cards indicate a painful but voluntary retreat.

I also think Renkas has been in contact with someone in her family, either by phone or in person. And that at least two or three people know where she is today.

Finally, I feel like none of my assumptions are new information to the police. I think there are some questions about deception, perhaps involving money, which is why the police aren’t releasing any further details about the case to the public. But as the cards indicated, those parties involved will be brought to justice soon.

If anyone has any more information to help investigators, please call Crime Stoppers of Marinette County at 1-800-427-5857.


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