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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Find yourself. Inspiring others ™ is Lyrical Gypsy’s creative mission and a double entendre that represents the physical, mental, and spiritual healing power of inspiration, creativity, and self-expression.

FIND YOURSELF: Inspiration

The first step in achieving our creative mission was to design this website and provide both creative inspiration and emotional support to our readers. We do this by sharing a variety of stories about activism and advocacy, but also through our outreach program.

To read a complete breakdown of the goals for this blog, feel free to peruse our Projects/Portfolio page.


The second step in achieving our creative mission is to showcase all the therapeutic benefits of creative therapy. Not only for individuals struggling with behavioral health issues, such as mental illness, substance abuse, and addiction, but also for health professionals who want to revamp a client or patient’s long-term treatment plan.

Soon, we plan to research and provide a list of facts about a wide variety of creative therapy programs. Our hope is that one day, more doctors will consider trying creative therapy as an alternative treatment option, therefore reducing the number of people becoming chemically and/or emotionally dependent on prescription drugs.

  • Writing therapy
  • Journal therapy
  • Poetry therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Photography therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Psychodrama therapy

Self-Expression: Cleanse Your mind. Feed Your Soul.

The final step of our creative mission is self-expression, which includes the efforts of both the inspiration and creativity phases. In this step, we encourage our readers to step out of their comfort zones and share their stories and creations with others.

No person, process, or design exists on its own. Everything we think, hear, see, or do begins its life as a spark of inspiration, which later becomes the roots to grow creativity.

We find inspiration and creativity in our daily routines, the places we visit, and in the people we meet. For example, some people like to distract themselves from the ups and downs of life by reading, writing, journaling, playing music, watching television, creating art, crafting, cooking, gardening, building, or performing. But how boring would life be if we only did creative things to entertain ourselves?

Creativity is meant to be shared.

You are NOT alone.

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