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The LG Project

The LG Project

The LG Project is an unregistered, non-profit creative outreach and advocacy program for children, teens, and young adults struggling to share their stories about living with a disability and/or behavioral health issues, such as mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction.

What We Do: The Three R’s

REINVENT—mainstream communication about controversial and/or taboo topics

RESTORE—society’s education, understanding, and acceptance of people with disabilities and behavioral health issues

RENEW—encourage and inspire a new wave of self-love, confidence, and creativity in each individual affected

How We Do It: Giving the Gift of Creativity and Self-Expression

The LG Project follows the #OwnVoices Movement, but takes it a step further by not making underrepresented/marginalized identities just a character in a book. Instead, the project gives those individuals the creative resources and support they need to tell their stories in their own way.

Our Gifts

Once a year, The LG Project donates self-help books, writing journals, musical instruments, art supplies, electronic devices, classes, mentorship, and blog space to qualifying individuals, teachers, or likeminded non-profit associations.

Charitable Donations and Funding

The LG Project began in 2019, and is entirely funded by its host, along with any income received from Lyrical Gypsy’s affiliate marketing programs. Outside donations are not accepted at this time.

History of Giving

This table represents all The LG Projects donations. It is updated once-a-year, or more, depending on the project’s resources and funding.

YearLocationRecipientItem(s) Donated
2019IndianaSpecial Ed Teacher | Child/Student with autism (age 0-12)$50 Amazon Gift Card towards the purchase of a keyboard for music therapy
2020MinnesotaTeenager/Student with severe anxiety and O.C.D. (age 13-17)$200 Amazon Gift Card | Purchase of an electronic tablet for art therapy
2021IllinoisYoung Adult with bi-polar disorder, depression, and anxiety (age 18-30)Journaling and art supplies ($30)
2021 Illinois(2) Adults (age 30+)Self-improvement workbooks/journals ($10)
Last update: September 2021