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Our Activism Projects and Creative Portfolio

Our Activism Projects and Creative Portfolio

Creative Activism

We showcase content and share personal stories written by people who use their creative gifts and talents to inspire and promote hope and healing. 

Here is how we feature creativity with purpose on our website:

  • Writer’s Block—a collection of stories, written life lessons, and author exposition featuring self-love found in inspirational quotes, motivational books, and other self-help literature.
  • Creator’s Canvas—a collection of stories and author exposition featuring self-care found in multi-media arts, crafts, inventions, photography, fashion, food, and nature.
  • Performer’s Studio—a collection of stories and author exposition featuring self-expression found in music, television, movies, podcasts, and other performance arts.

Get Creative! Challenges

We design creative challenges to help our social media followers find inspiration and motivation to share their stories.

Sometimes creative inspiration finds us. Other times, we have to find inspiration and then figure out how to tell our stories.

Here is how we encourage our readers on our Facebook page:

  • Caption This!—a fun writing prompt, picture, meme, or GIF challenge meant to inspire self-love, open-mindedness, individuality, and sometimes gut-wrenching laughter.
  • Visual Truth—a multi-media art, collage, or photo manipulation challenge meant to promote individual creativity and self-care.
  • Ghostwriters—a hand-written, acrostic poem challenge meant to encourage individuality and self-expression while discussing taboo or controversial topics.
  • Lyrical Journey—a behind-the-lyrics—rabbit-hole, music adventure—full of spiritual twists and exposition meant to inspire free-thinking and open-mindedness.
  • Bullet Journaling—a creative but easy journaling challenge that uses art supplies to tell a personal story. 

Social Activism

We discuss taboo and/or controversial subjects to help encourage open-mindedness, promote individuality, and facilitate better communication.

In a society that is plagued by labeling, profiling, and stereotyping, we believe that each person needs to follow his/her path toward spiritual enlightenment.

We can’t rely on other people to explain how we feel.

We need to do our research, voice our concerns, communicate effectively, and help educate each other.

Some of the social topics we share and discuss include:

  • bullying
  • domestic violence
  • crime
  • sexual assault
  • racism
  • civil rights
  • gender equality
  • gender identification
  • sexuality
  • relationships
  • disease
  • environmental concerns
  • minimalistic lifestyles
  • stress reduction
  • behavioral health issues
  • mental illness
  • substance abuse
  • addiction

Click here to share your story about how you use creativity or spirituality to cope with any of the topics above. You may choose to publish your story with credit or anonymously.

Spiritual Activism

We share a variety esoteric/spiritual tools and techniques to educate people about alternative healing, encourage better self-awareness, and improve an individual’s overall well-being.

Here are some of the ways we help recondition encourage self-awareness and individual well-being:

  • Meditation—guided meditation practices with or without music to aid in relaxation, sleep, or even studying.
  • Yoga—various forms of yoga positions explained, and how they help condition the mind and body.
  • One-a-Day Tarot/Oracle—card interpretations meant to give guidance, but also teach how to recognize synchronicity found in everyday life.
  • Moon Divination—using the moon phases as a meditation calendar to focus on setting and achieving goals.
  • Candle and Crystal Magick—using crystals and candles as meditation tools to improve a person’s mental and spiritual well-being through positive affirmations.
  • Astrology and Astronomy—bridging the gap between science and skepticism by explaining the planetary influence of animals and humans, and its unique effect on personalities, behaviors, habits, and actions.
  • Universal Laws—explaining a variety of Universal Laws to help educate society about some of the basic principles of spirituality.

Note: We use the words ‘divination’ and ‘magick’ loosely. We are not suggesting that our readers use any of the following tools and techniques to help manifest or predict anything. We are simply providing information.

Disclaimer: D. M. Stephenson /dba Lyrical Gypsy is not a health professional. Any personal story or alternative health technique featured on this website is based on the individual’s experience or opinion and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical, mental, or spiritual health condition. This entire website is meant for informational, educational, and/or entertainment purposes only.