Zak Bagans Shows Us What’s Worse than Having a Demon Possession

My research into Zak Bagans’ controversial demon possession originally began with the video below. But now, I’m beginning to think he has an even bigger problem – if that’s even possible.

Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans Gives ET A Tour Of His Haunted Museum

It all started with Zak introducing the “Devil’s Rockingchair” to ET interviewer, Kevin Frazier during a tour of his haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. And right away, I can tell Zak knows his shit about his paranormal artifacts. He’s a great storyteller. But he also seems very good at pushing his agenda, with the whole “now, you gotta touch it” and “mocking the chair” bit. It’s bullying, at its core, but also good for television, I guess.

Fortunate for Zak Bagans, I follow purpose, not people; otherwise, his story would’ve never made it onto this blog. Because if he treats a friendly interviewer like this, I can only imagine how he’d treat me.

When Did Zak Bagans’ Personality Change?

As the leader of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), Zak Bagans and his film crew have visited many controversial places over the years. But in 2009, after visiting Poveglia Island, Italy some of Zak’s closest friends and fans started questioning whether he’s even the same person.

I recently talk with one of Zak’s close friends, who chose to remain anonymous, but also wanted to shed some light on Zak’s sudden darker side.

“ [I’ve known] him [Zak] personally for the past, God, like 13/14 years…It wasn’t until they went to Poveglia Italy when he changed. Literally his eyes changed and turned this almost black color…he used to be so kind and caring.”

Zak Bagans’ ANONYMOUS friend
and former member of Ghost adventures crew (gac)

“It’s Better to Be Kind Than it is to Be Right”

Around 10:24 in the video, when Kevin mentions that he feels his “back tightening up”, Zak responds with excitement. Pure, unadulterated excitement. He wants to be right so bad that he actually hopes Kevin’s pain is related to the cursed chair.

Then, later on, Zak admits to having an addiction to paranormal artifacts, and to appreciating any “curse” that may come with owning them, so he can know the truth.

Is this heartless behavior indicative of a demon possession, sadistic tendencies, or just someone with an addictive personality?

I sill don’t know, but I decided to ask Zak’s close friend. I asked if he/she thought Zak’s change in personality was the result of his increased fame and fortune. Or, perhaps even drugs? He/she didn’t respond to the first part of the question, but did have something else to add.

“I don’t think it’s drugs or steroids to be honest. He is too much of a health, wellness and fitness fanatic…

“Actually, I think a lot changed at that time. They had a General Manager quit. He had a very public breakup.

Maybe work stress? I believe he’s just work overloaded and whatever dark stuff he got wrapped up in is taking him over. “

What Did Zak Bagans Get Himself Into?

In 2017, Zak Bagans published a book he co-wrote called Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew. The book is an interesting read for anyone looking for answers about their own paranormal experiences.

“In Dark World, regardless of whether you believe in the afterlife or not, Zak does his best to find and share answers to the phenomena that people encounter. He wants you to experience a haunting through his eyes: to feel what it’s like to be scared, freaked out, pushed, cold, sluggish, whispered-at and touched by an ethereal being or attacked by a demonic spirit.”

Zak Bagans | Amazon Author | Dark World

Then, in 2018, Zak filmed a documentary of himself living in a “Demon House”, which he later tore down. But not before he saved some of the paranormal artifacts for his award-winning haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But if any readers know about the spiritual concept of Feng Shui, or Law of Attraction, they will understand why Zak’s addiction to saving paranormal artifacts is a very bad decision.

Click this link to view all of Zak Bagans’ books on Amazon!

Final Thoughts:

Yes, I think Zak Bagans is possessed. But not by demons; rather, his addiction to fame, power, and fortune. And this type of behavior is enough to change a “kind and caring” person into a money-hungry demon, of sorts.

Also, I don’t think Zak truly understands the potentially negative implications of paranormal research could have on his life, health, or mental stability. Or, if he does, he doesn’t care. Because that’s also how an addiction works.


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